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What can be better than butter? Well, it is more and more butter. Don't we all love the touch of butter in well almost everything? Butter does make everything taste better. Because butter is the primary ingredient that is used to make sweets, breads, pastries, cookies, cakes, and so on, we decided to manufacture exclusive quality of butter for everyone to use. Boho Dairy Farm presents butter that is tastier, creamier, and spreads with great ease across bread. It has got the right texture and amount of saltiness to it which makes it extremely delicious and hard to resist.

At Boho Dairy Farm in Pakistan, butter is prepared the traditional and authentic way while keep the need for utmost hygiene standards in mind. Butter is produced when the bacteria producing lactic acid is added to cream. This is the churned to cause an emulsion.

Though the procedure for producing butter might not entice you but the taste of it is enough to cause an explosion of rich flavors in your mouth. Salt in not only added to the butter we sell for enhancing the taste of the butter but also for the purpose of preserving it for longer duration.

Adding a spoonful of butter to curries and traditional sweets makes it so much better to taste. That's why it is important to choose a product that meets every criterion. When you think about butter the first brand that will pop in your mind is going to be of Boho Dairy Farm. No matter what you are have the touch of butter in any dish can make it tasty, soft, and smooth. When used in moderation butter is great for your health. So, what is it that you are waiting for? Order a packet of butter from Boho Dairy Farm that will last you a couple of weeks.


Umar Altaf

I personally use this product. Proudly Baho u made it excellent in Pakistan to have such a delicious food, highly recommend Desi Ghee

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