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Dried milk or powdered milk is way too different than instant milk. With Boho Dairy Farm in Pakistan, you get to enjoy better and finer quality of dried milk. Give your tea the perfect taste with a dash of Boho Dairy Farm's superior product - dry milk. Dry milk is reconstituted for a longer duration of time, this allows each and every crystal to dissolve perfectly and completely. What is the end result? You get a glass of fresh and delicious milk in no time.

Powdered milk enjoys a longer shelf life than the normally used bottled or fresh milk. The benefits of milk are way too many to count. It provides us with the much-needed dosage of minerals and vitamins. However, Boho Dairy Farm's dry milk is a substitute for fresh milk in case of emergency or need. It is way more flexible, has a longer shelf life, and tastes incredible.

Are you wondering why is powdered milk good for you? Well, the reasons are enough to impress you. We have to start off with the unparalleled taste of powdered milk that is indistinguishable from that of fresh milk. It contains all the necessary minerals and vitamins that regular milk has in it along with some other benefits.

These benefits consist of its shelf life - which is as long as a year! If you are running out of space, then you won't have to worry for powdered milk occupies a small amount of space in comparison to regular milk.

The primary reason why powdered or dried milk from Boho Dairy Farm tastes so good is because of the fine crystals. All you gotta do is add it to your coffee, tea, or a glass of water and you will have the exact taste of milk, everyday all the time. Choose high quality dry milk, a delicious convenient, and nutritious option.


Umar Altaf

simple found a great thing to whome i can trust i will suggest all of u to buy from here


Nouman Malik

Its really a good product


Nouman Malik

Its really a good product


David odongo

This one of my fevorite cheese. I have fallen in love with this products

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